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Holiday Vintage Brooches

With every change in season, comes new ways to brooch it! While we loved curating brooches into a set of three for fall, we’re adding a bit of glam to our favorite accessories, sweaters, dresses and outerwear this holiday season with rhinestones, crystals and colored brooches. Styling a statement brooch is the easiest way to personalize your look while taking it to the next level involves putting your brooch curating skills to good use!


We tend to gravitate towards gorgeous rhinestone and crystal brooches this season because they add shimmering accents to the glitzy season. We love letting these types of styles make a statement all on their own! 

Pink, grey, blue, and clear rhinestones feel most modern while deeper colored rhinestone styles like browns, emerald, ruby, and black feel more elegant Pick your favorite statement brooch and let it do the talking all on it’s own! See below for a few ideas.

Brooch a Sweater

SHOP: 50s La Rel Rhinestone Crawler Earrings60s Rhinestone Brooch

Pink Vintage Brooch on Black Clutch

SHOP: 50s Pink Rhinestone Brooch

Statement Vintage Brooch on a Festive Dress

SHOP: 60s Amber Rhinestone Brooch


If you already consider yourself a brooch it pro, then we urge you to try two similar sized and colored brooches on a pair of velvet shoes or down the placket of a jacket that doesn’t have the buttons exposed. See below for ideas!

Vintage Burst Brooches on Velour Shoes

SHOP: 50s Pearl & Blue Rhinestone Brooch/ 50s Blue Rhinestone Brooch SOLD! 

Here are a few velvet shoes that we'd love to brooch (click each to shop)!

Vintage Brooches Down Placket of Jacket

SHOP from top to bottom: brooch 1/ 2/ 3 SOLD!/ 4/ 5/ 6 SOLD!

Here are a few jackets that would work perfectly with round everyday brooches to mimic buttons. If you try this, keep in mind it looks effortless when the brooches are all similar in size. The ones featured here are all about 1.5” in diameter. 

For more brooch it ideas, get inspired on instagram or pinterest. And don't forget that we're always here to help. Shoot us an email at styling@sweetandspark.com to chat all things vintage jewelry, or get personalized recommendations. Shop our full holiday collection and make sure you're on our email list to hear about weekly new arrivals first!

Vintage Jewelry Gift Sets

Let's talk about sets! Many vintage jewelry collections used to be packaged as complete sets, with two or three matching pieces. Over time, sets are often broken up, as pieces get sold at different places or times. But those classic vintage jewelry sets got us thinking — isn't it more fun to create your own set anyway?

Our modern take on the jewelry set includes pieces that could be worn together, or as separates. There are so many ways to mix and match vintage jewelry to create a unique set that feels interesting, and thoughtful. (And, gift idea alert: we think mix-and-match jewelry sets make an amazing gift!)

Here are a few ideas to inspire your own personalized vintage jewelry set:


Set #1: Day to Night Earrings

Day to Night EarringsSHOP: pearl earrings for day/ 60s pearl earrings for night

Vintage earrings are one of the simplest ways to incorporate a little spark into your wardrobe, even if you're a vintage newbie. It also means they're a great place to create customized sets, like this one which features two pairs of earrings for day and night. When creating an earring set as a gift, the key is to ask yourself, "What type of style does the recipient have?" Do her typical style choices veer more towards classic, feminine, boho, simple, or some combination? From there you can match a smaller everyday pair with a larger statement pair for an easy day to night transition, and even feature different styles between each! Here are some of our favorite day to night earring set ideas:

Day to Night Earring Set Ideas 

Set #2: A Brooch Collection

Vintage Brooch Collection

SHOP: 50s Pink Rhinestone Brooch/ 50s Pearl & Blue Rhinestone Brooch/ 50s Blue Brooch sold!

Vintage brooches are some of the most unique and fun vintage jewelry pieces around. Earlier this fall, we talked about our favorite ways to style brooches, featuring groups of three feminine brooches on an army jacket. And guess what? You can easily gift a set of brooches like this, so the recipient can wear them as a collection all at once, or individually too! With brooches, we love experimenting with the scale of the pieces, mixing one larger brooch with smaller ones around it. For more about curating your own collection, check out our how to guide! And see some of our favorite holiday sets below:

Vintage Brooch Set Ideas

SHOP TOP: 80s Floral Brooch/ 50s Square Brooch50s Mini Bouquet Brooch

SHOP BOTTOM LEFT: 60s Grey Brooch/ 50s White Brooch50s Swoosh Brooch

SHOP BOTTOM RIGHT: 50s Pearl Brooch60s A Initial Brooch50s Ribbon Brooch


Set #3: Layered Necklaces

Vintage Layered Necklaces

SHOP: 50s Scallop Necklace/ 60s Pearl Lariat Necklace sold!

You already know we absolutely love the look of layered statement necklaces. This same idea can translate to a customized gift set, and we have an easy formula to help you put together the perfect set for any lucky lady. Here's the secret: our tried and true layered necklace set pairs a long pendant necklace with a short chain or vice versa (like this a long chain with a short pendant necklace). For more tips about how to layer necklaces, check out our how to layer necklaces guide!


Set #4: Stacked Bracelets

Holiday Vintage Bracelet Sets

SHOP TOP: 50s Mesh Milk Glass Bracelet70s Etched Bangle/ 70s Skinny Bangle 

SHOP BOTTOM: 80s Classic Chain Bracelet/ 70s Etched Bangle

Bracelet stacking is kind of a no brainer, but it works every time for that gal in your life who is notoriously tough to buy for! Mix a classic bangle with any statement bracelet for an effortless pairing, both of which we firmly believe should be in any woman's jewelry collection! For more on how we bracelet stack, check out our guide

Still need help putting together your own customized vintage jewelry set? Shoot us a note at styling@sweetandspark.com and we'll be happy to help you select a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift! And, when all else fails, don't forget we have gift cards, which we can send electronically or via snail mail to your recipient! 


Vintage Jewelry Dishes

SHOP: Jewelry Displays

There's no getting around it: the holiday season is upon us! From the red cups at Starbucks, to the seasonal aisles at your local drugstore bursting with decorations, we're feeling so inspired by the magical feeling that only the holidays can bring!

Though the season is ripe for rocking your fanciest frocks and glittering jewelry to match, we also think it's the perfect time of year to wear statement-making pieces with more traditional, everyday classics. In fact, timeless statement jewelry is the best update to cozy sweaters and dresses. For the holiday season, our favorites are statement rhinestone earrings, layered necklaces and cocktail rings. See how we're styling them below! 



Statement Vintage Crawler Earrings

SHOP: 50s La Rel Rhinestone Crawler Earrings

When the temps begin dropping, we love pairing rhinestone earrings with chunky knits and sweaters. It's an effortless, ladylike way to celebrate the season! Vintage crawler earrings, like the ones above, are iconic pieces of vintage jewelry history. Plus, they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, offering versatile options for any gal's wardrobe. They're an essential in your jewelry collection! If you're already with us on our love for crawlers, try round stud earrings for a more classic look, or take it to the next level with a drop earring style for slightly dressier occasions, like a weekday date night.



Layered Vintage Statement Necklace

SHOP: 50s Trifari Pearl Choker Necklace/ 50s Vintage Chunky Rope Necklace

We loved vintage chokers for fall, and we're taking them to the next level for the holiday season by layering them with statement necklaces. Try layering a clean silver or gold-finished choker with your favorite rhinestone or pearl statement necklace. For a more classic statement look, we love layering multi-chain bauble necklaces. They feel so fresh when layered up! A more daring way to style layered necklaces is with a short statement necklace and medium length pendant. Here are a few of our favorite layered necklace combos:

Layered Vintage Necklaces for Holiday Occasions

SHOP ROW 1: Layer 60s Rhinestone Necklace & 50s Scallop Necklace

SHOP ROW 2: Layer 50s Pearl Necklace50s Crystal Necklace

SHOP ROW 3: Layer 60s Grey Rhinestone Necklace & 60s Pendant Necklace



Vintage Cocktail Rings

SHOP: cocktail ring - sold!/ 60s Vintage Rhinestone Statement Bracelet

Holiday wardrobes are notorious for featuring some of the most detailed and pattern-heavy pieces in your closet. When dressing up in luxe materials like lace and satin, or in a garment with a bold, graphic print, cocktail rings are the perfect way to accessorize your outfit without taking it into "over the top" territory. From whimsical animals, like this incredibly rare snake-wrapped ring, to a bold gold style like this raised buckle ring, our vintage ring collection packs a big punch of fun! 

Consider yourself prepared for incredible season of sharing laughter, gratitude and joy! And don't forget that we're always here to help. Shoot us an email at styling@sweetandspark.com to chat all things vintage jewelry, or get personalized recommendations on the perfect spark for your season. Shop our full holiday collection and make sure you're on our email list to hear about weekly new arrivals first!

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