For each Sparkhuntin' trip we go on, we'll bring the thrill of the hunt to you! We're ruining our manicures digging through endless boxes of Spark, untangling necklaces, and navigating around the questionable.  



Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase one of the 3 different box types listed below.
  • The $50 goes towards the purchase of the Spark in the box.

                    *All Spark will come labeled with price and decade.

  • Keep what you like, we’ll bill you for any remaining amounts.
  • Return the Spark you don't want within 30 days using the pre-paid return label.

                   *If not returned within 30 days, you will be billed for the contents entire box.

  • If all items are returned and/or your total is less than $50, you will receive a merchandise credit on
  • Your personal Spark party will always be delivered free of shipping!

We're scouting Florida now and our next delivery will be the week of February 10th. Order by the 9th to get 1st dibs and stay tuned for our upcoming trip here! It's rare to find the same thing twice, so let your personality shine with a guiltless little pleasure.

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    just sold!
    60's Dome Ring
    just sold!
    Big Night Out
    just sold!
    Blue on Blue
    just sold!
    Boho Beauty
    just sold!
    Boho Cuffs
    Boho Cuffs from $128
    just sold!
    Bridesbabe Essentials
    just sold!
    Brights & Whites
    just sold!
    Cocktail Time!
    just sold!
    LA Bound
    LA Bound from $38
    just sold!
    Neon Yellow Clips
    just sold!
    On The Rocks
    Out West
    Out West from $128
    Only 1 Available!
    just sold!
    SF Flower Mart Rings
    just sold!
    Summer Nights
    Summer Nights from $78
    just sold!
    Vintage Poison Rings
    just sold!
    Weekend Candy
    Weekend Candy from $54
    just sold!
    Windy San Francisco
    just sold!
    Wine Country
    Wine Country from $58
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