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How to: Pack Jewelry for a Trip

I was recently in Hawaii celebrating my 30th birthday and I wanted to share how I pack jewelry for traveling. I love this travel case from the Container Storebecause one, it's only $7.99 and two, it comes with little square inserts that you can use to break up the sections however you want.
Before I travel, I always lay out my favorite outfits and plan a few different jewelry options for each. My jewelry tastes are always changing in the moment!
Whenever I travel somewhere tropical, I always make sure to have a variety of statement stud earrings for the beach. I always feel so much more pulled together when I have earrings on.
These are the two dresses I wore on my birthday, I started the day catching a 5:30am sunrise in the blue beach maxi and then ended the night out to dinner in the palm printed romper. I love statement tassel necklaces back to fun prints. The gold one is still available here!
Since I was also celebrating the 4th of July on vacation, I made sure to have a red, white and blue brooch for my denim vest. It doesn't get much more American than that!


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