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Book Review: The Desire Map

Book Review: The Desire Map
Fresh off the beach, after spending a week in Hawaii celebrating my 30th birthday, I’m feeling the most myself I’ve ever felt, living back on the highs of possibility. I spent the majority of my 20’s chasing what I wanted to have only to end the decade with a deep desire to live more in the moment. Thanks to wisdom from a highly admired spiritual guru, Danielle LaPorte, this decade is going to be about making choices based on how I want to feel. Because don't we all know, it's about the day to day journey not the destination?
After reading Danielle's book, The Firestarter Sessions (stay tuned, a book review to come!), for the second time around on the plane ride over, I was pumped to dive head first into her workbook, The Desire Map,a guide to creating goals with soul. There are two parts to the book, starting with the theory behind desire, feelings, intentions, faith and trust. Once you understand that your desires are a prayer, and that life wants you to have what you want, you're ready to dive into part two, the workbook.
The workbook takes you through a series of questions reflecting upon what makes you tick, what brings you joy and where you go to re-charge. From there, you’re ready to figure out what you're grateful for and what's not working in each of the core aspects of life: Livelihood & Lifestyle, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationships & Society and Essence & Spirituality.
Once you complete the exercise for each core aspect, you'll look for the common themes in your responses. The goal is to pick three overall words that define how you most want to feel in your life. The goal for all of us is to do what feels good! And, that's completely different for everyone. Once you’ve got all of that down, goal setting becomes a piece of cake. 
It's important to breakdown the workbook into a few sessions so that you're not overwhelmed by your thoughts! Over the course of three days, I dedicated a few hours each morning to brainstorming and then reflected upon my answers throughout the rest of the day. I also found it helpful to jot my answers in a notebook so that I could have extra space as some aspects of my life I had more to reflect upon than others. Also, I want to be able to use the book again in a year or so to check back in with myself.
I want to feel vibrant, meaningful and reflective and I’ve come up with my own crazy definitions for each. This explains my crazy love for bold lipstick, Sparkhuntin’ with my dad, and frequently choosing to listen to music and walk to my destinations over taking an Uber. I have these three words posted in my office to keep it top of mind when I’m making decisions.
What you seek is seeking you, so please dive in.