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Book Review: The Lean Startup


One of the most influential books I read towards the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey is The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. We are living in an exciting world that has more startups than ever but, there are few too many successes. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so chaotic if you can put a method to the madness.

Your vision will always be your anchor but in order to build a sustainable business, get comfortable with the notion that your strategy and “product” can and will change. Break down your vision into bite size ideas and or questions and then prioritize them. From there you can start to build an experimental pipeline that looks something like this:

A: ideas in backlog or brainstorm mode

B: projects in build mode

C: projects that have “launched”

Being able to quit is just as important as starting. Often times we overthink what it means to launch a new product or idea and overspend our time worrying and making things pretty without knowing if it will ever work. I challenge you to get creative, how can you test it faster and cheaper? 

Having “ideas in the hopper” at different stages has done wonders for my sanity. Especially on days when I’m feeling uninspired, I’m able to close my eyes, see the macro picture and know that I’ll be back at it tomorrow.