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Brainstorming vs. Daydreaming

Without exploring all of the possibilities, you’re just daydreaming. I love doing what I call, mind mapping. It’s a tangible means to brainstorming. I carry an old school marble notebook with me at all times and just get jotting whenever I have an idea or am just feeling stuck.

When it comes to my notebook, there are no restraints. There's only one rule, anything goes. Even doodling my full name, Jillian Laura Bremer, over and over a million times is allowed. Sometimes I start with a question, other times it's just one word. Regardless, I go wherever my brain and pen take me. Some sessions last 5 minutes, others an hour. Sometimes I fill 1 page and others 15, covering the most random of topics. Often, there’s one that bubbles up subconsciously and it takes over. From there, the pages become lists, webs and graphs. The magical thing is that it almost always leads my brain to connect the dots and feel wildly energized. 

In real life, we’re quick to dismiss sharing ideas because we’re scared what people will think of us. The beauty in writing is that there is no opportunity for judgment. Throughout this process, you will overcome fears and experience power that comes only from your ability to be vulnerable. When you set your mind free, you realize that the craziest of thoughts, delivers a high of possibilities. And always remember, “there's no such thing as a dumb idea.”