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Top 1960's Fashion Jewelry Trends

1960's Orange Shift Dress & Key Jewelry Trends

Anthropologie Dress / Pendant Necklace / Black & Cream Cuff / Gold Bangle /Statement Clip-on Earrings

One of our favorite Fall trends this season is the preppy spin on 1960's fashion. While a little goes a long way with this funky decade, here are some of our favorite ways to modernize the key 60's jewelry trends. 

1. Geometric Shapes & Patterns- The most easily identifiable trend of the 1960's are geometric shapes and patterns. To make a statement, wear these bold designs back to solid colors. 

2. Bright Colors-Don't be afraid of experimenting with colored enamel, plastic or rhinestones! If you're new to colored jewelry, start with neutrals, both will easily outfit back to things you already own. And I always love to anchor my colored jewelry back to gold classics (hence the need for a classic gold bangle)!

3. Mix & Match- While coordinating your jewelry was popular in earlier decades, the 60's were all about mixing and matching statement pieces. To keep it modern for today, chose one statement piece and keep the rest simple!

4. Long Pendants- As the shift dress silhouette was popular in the 1960's, long pendants were key to this decade. They will forever look great back to simple printed and solid dresses.

5. Glitz-Since jewelry was over the top in this decade, rhinestone designs got bigger and more colorful than they were in the 60's. I recommend wearing these "fancier" pieces with a casual ponytail or sweater for a less serious look!

Get inspired by our 1960's fashion board on Pinterest and then style up our 1960's vintage jewelry collection your way. Here are my favorite simple dresses, which are perfect for long pendant necklaces!

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