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A History Lesson Behind the Original Cartier Love Bracelet

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The infamous Love bracelet has earned a coveted spot at the top of everyone's dream wishlist, making it one of the most sought after jewelry staples of the century. Since all good things come with a story (especially vintage collectables!) let's go back to how it all began. Aldo Cipullo, who was the head designer for Cartier during the 1970s, came up with the iconic sleek design of the Love bracelet with famous couples of the time like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in mind. In order to create a cult following from the beginning, Cartier would gift celebrity couples a set of bracelets to wear as a symbol of their love for one another. 

It did not take long before everyone had to have one of their own, Cartier was even rumored to only sell their Love bracelets to couples shopping together. At the height of its popularity in the 1970s Cipullo partnered with Revlon Cosmetics founder, Charles Revson, to release a special edition gold electroplated Love bracelet. Whenever we come across one of these rare bracelets, Jillian and I scoop them up immediately! We work closely with a local jeweler to have the bracelets refurbished and re-plated giving them that brand new feeling.


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The Love bracelet has once again become the popular status symbol it once was in the 1970s thanks to celebrities like Meghan Markle, Angelina Jolie and Sienna Miller. With a high price point starting at $6,300 for the solid yellow gold version it can be quite an investment. One of the main reasons Sweet & Spark is head over heels for our vintage gold plated Love bracelets from Cartier? Number one, it has a good story to share with admirers alike. And Number two, you can get the exact same look for a fraction of the price! After all, vintage is always best.


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