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Ashley Begley for Sweet & Spark

Vintage Jewelry Dishes

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Meet the artist, Ashley Begley, behind our first ever collection of vintage inspired jewelry dishes (this means, you can actually stock up on more than one of these beauties!). Ashley is a print designer at Lilly Pulitzer and is fascinated by how design has influenced our lives over the decades. With a love for all things fashion and especially, statement earrings, Ashley discovered S&S through mutual friends and was eventually introduced to Jillian, our founder. 

After following our spark hunting adventures on Instagram and seeing our pictures of vintage home decor, she was inspired to hand draw the prints for this collection of S&S jewelry dishes. While Ashley lives in Philadelphia, she makes it out to San Francisco quite frequently and always makes it a priority to visit our studio. We love having her stop by, because not only is her vibrant personality contagious, but because she’s also incredibly connected to current fashion trends and always shares fresh ideas for future collections. Her ideas often make it to our office inspiration boards!

The last time she was in our studio, we got a chance to ask her a few questions about the fascinating process of design and how she came up with the prints for our collection. With an innate talent for expressing beauty through drawing, this is a girl you want to say you know. 

Blue Floral Jewelry Dish

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1. How did you get your start as an artist? Tell us about your background and career path.

I have been creating, drawing, painting my entire life. I fell in love with art when I was four and have been creating art ever since. I  attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received a bachelors of fine art with a concentration in Graphic Design and Textiles. My passions continue to evolve with a firm grounding in the arts. I moved to San Francisco for a little over two years and was totally moved by the change of pace, and attitude by those on the West Coast. I am inspired by Abstract expressionism, bold brush strokes, and have always been interested in mark making. I have a very gestural hand which translates differently when applied to different mediums in various scales. I enjoy working both on a large scale and small. With the knowledge from my Graphic design degree, I have built an interesting foundation in composition through the lenses of a fine artist. This is where my work converges and I apply structure to my watercolor paintings.

2. Who, what, wear inspires you and why? 

I am constantly seeking out design shows or interior spaces that I feel will speak to my personal design aesthetic. I studied Graphic Design at RISD and concentrated in print design, which gave me a new perspective for typography and composition, things that we subconsciously interact with all day every day . Having this inherent love of fashion though I was, of course, drawn to textiles and surface design. 

3. Where did the inspiration for the prints you exclusively drew for us come from? Tell us more about the design process behind this collection.

Everything I do is hand painted or hand drawn. I do very little manipulation on the computer because I feel it is important to show the gesture in all of my work. I find the beauty in imperfection and love to see the investigation and process in a piece. While working with S&S, we had a very clear direction. We wanted something feminine and nostalgic. We sough out traditional motifs found in a lot of vintage ceramics and china and reinterpreted the layouts to feel a little more modern. 

4. We know you're a huge statement earring lover. What is your favorite pair in your collection and why?

OH my GOSH, I love statement earrings. I justify a reason to buy every last pair and I always travel with an extra in my purse (you know just in case you need to switch it up mid-day). I am THRILLED this is such a huge trend in the fashion world right now. I think it it is the perfect "third layer" piece to any outfit. It instantly takes a basic look to a show stopping statement. My current favorites are a vintage Christian Lacroix  pink and blue drop earring as well as my pearl cluster earrings from S&S.

5. How will you be styling your jewelry at home in your new dishes from the collection? 

These dishes are so versatile on and off of my vanity table. I have a blue and white kitchen so these a perfectly showcase some of my current favorite match boxes on my countertop.  

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