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Favorite Instagram Accounts

Favorite Vintage Instagram Accounts

Follow: @juliahengel/ @sincerelyjules/ @blaireadiebee
@labelsandvintage/ @seaofshoes/ @eaemileeanne
@mindfulmft/ @em_henderson/ @daniellelaporte 
@taylorsterling/ @trumpetandhorn/ @realfoodwholelife

The average instagrammer followers over 800 accounts. So how do we utilize this tool to inspire our lives instead of taking over our lives, like the TV did in the mid to late 20th century?

To put the inspiration you've gathered from your Instagram feed to work, you need to mix it with real life experiences. Get out there and try a new restaurant, fashion trend or book you learned about. File too many ideas away without actioning and you will easily forget them all. Just like most things in life, less is more on Instagram. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to keep up with it all. 

In a sea of beautifully curated feeds, the only way to find your unique voice is to listen to your intuition- that flurry in your gut, which you try to ignore, when experiences and ideas collide and the dots all seem to connect. Listen to that and real magic will happen. 

You cannot change who you already are. The accounts I love most just feel so originally individual. Especially those that keep daily life in check. Don't miss the daily spark notes from Mindful MFT and Danielle Laporte.

My favorite fashion and home decor accounts span from the feminine aesthetic of Julia Engeland Emilee Anne to the quintessential vintage touches of Emily Henderson and Taylor Sterling to the casual California vibe á la Sincerely Jules

And, what would Instagram be without a sweet (and healthy) treat? Be sure to follow Trumpet & Horn for a daily dose of fine vintage cocktail and engagement rings. 

You can get inspired with us on Instagram @sweetnspark! 

XX, Jillian