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How To: Create a Brooch Set

How to Create a Brooch Set

It should come as no surprise that we think lots of brooches are better than one! Have a little fun with vintage brooches, and experiment with mixing and matching them. Unsure about where to start? We're here to show you how.

To start your collection, pick your absolute favorite brooch (this one is founder Jillian's current favorite). Next, add on similar colors, elements or shapes. For example, we love mixing opals with enamel, pearls with rhinestones, and pastels with gold. To create a compelling set, we recommend mixing different sizes so that each piece isn't fighting for attention!

Once you've got your set, one of the easiest ways to style the mix is on a blazer, denim or army jacket. See how we're styling some of our favorite sets this fall, and a few of our other favorite collections below. 

A few of our favorite brooch sets

top left: gold swirl brooch/ purple enamel brooch/ opal burst brooch
top right: pearl floral statement brooch/ pearl floral brooch/ rhinestone floral brooch 
bottom left: coral tulip brooch/ rhinestone bow brooch/ gold burst brooch
bottom right: pearl burst brooch/ pearl leaf brooch/ mini rhinestone brooch 



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