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How to Layer Vintage Necklaces

How to get the layered necklace look with vintage necklaces!


When layered necklaces are done right, they look incredibly effortless! But make no mistake: this trend's simple, chic vibe belies the amount of experimentation it can take to get it right. Mixing and matching your existing jewelry collection is a great place to start, but over the years, we've found that vintage styles are actually the perfect (and easy!) solution to achieving this look in a fresh, modern way. Here are our three favorite ways to try this trend using iconic vintage spark:


Here's a little secret about vintage necklaces: Three of the most popular, commonly found vintage styles achieve the pre-layered look all on their own -- no muss, no fuss. A great place to start is with a simple 54" chain (and, collector's alert: they rarely make this length anymore!). A chain of this length is perfect for double or triple wrapping around the neck. Since you can adjust the length and number of wraps, it's also customizable to different necklines and outfits.

Lariats, which are open chain styles, were very popular in the 60's and 70's, and are just as versatile. They are easy to wrap around your neck, or knot and wear as a pendant. This one, from legendary vintage designer Monet, is a timeless classic. 

Finally, the easiest way to achieve the look is with a pre-layered, multi-chain style, like this one. Pre-layered necklaces are one of our best selling styles, and with good reason -- they really take the guesswork out of trying this trend!



For a more personal take on the layered necklace look, try styling 2 or 3 of your favorite chains and pendants together, mixing textures and lengths as you go. Jillian, our fearless founder, resident jewelry expert, and master spark stylist has a formula that makes it easy. "I usually start with a short or long pendant, and then add on a simple long chain of about 24-34 inches," she advises. "Start with a piece that is personal to you, and then add simplicity on top of it. It'll feel more natural when experimenting with a trend to wear something that's part of your story."

You can also try playing around with mixing textures and details. "In terms of texture, I like keeping the aesthetic the same. For example, I love wearing pearls and florals with a more feminine outfit. Or, I'd pair a bar necklace with simple chains for a more minimal look," says Jillian.



Last but not least, our go-to formula for layering necklaces together is to mix a timeless choker with a mid-length pendant. The result? A statement making, bold, editorial look. We call this one our "we have 10 minutes to get ready" styling trick. You can select a simple outfit as your base, which lets your vintage jewelry do all the talking!



What's your favorite? Shop all necklaces and email us if you need any styling assistance. We love helping you find your spark! xx, Jillian