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How To Style A Vintage Scarf

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf

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Scarves were an essential accessory found in every women's wardrobe during the 1950s-70s. They are the ultimate style statement today when coordinated with a neutral look. We love adding a pop of color to our outfits with a gorgeous print whenever we can! 

To achieve our five scarf styling tricks, our vintage collection features different sizes, fabrics and prints (but of course, no surprise, florals are our favorite). See below for the recommended scarf size to use for each of our favorite scarf styling tips.

In a Ponytail: 

The bigger the scarf, the more exaggerated the look but any size will do wrapped around a ponytail. The scarfas modeled in the statement ponytail above is 31" x 31" in size.

Around a Bun:

A 20"- 25" square scarf will likely be your most versatile. The scarf as modeled around the bun above is 23" by 23" in size.

On your wrist: 

Like we mentioned above, a 20"- 25" scarf will become your most versatile. The scarf as modeled around the wrist above is also 23" by 23" in size.

As a belt:

This is where a bigger square comes in handy or a long rectangular scarf that measures at least 32" along the longest length. The scarf as modeled around the waist above is 32" by 32" in a square size.

On your neck:

Depending on how you style a knotted a scarf around your neck, you'll want to choose a square one between 17-26" for a classic look. The scarf as modeled around the neck above is 26" by 26" in size. You can also try a rectangular shape here for more of a mod look!

Style your favorite one up and let us know how it goes. After all, great art lifts the spirits and should be worn! We are looking forward to trying new ways to wear them in the upcoming seasons too and in the meantime you can find more style inspiration by following us on pinterest

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