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How To Wear: Holiday Brooches

Holiday Vintage Brooches

With every change in season, comes new ways to brooch it! While we loved curating brooches into a set of three for fall, we’re adding a bit of glam to our favorite accessories, sweaters, dresses and outerwear this holiday season with rhinestones, crystals and colored brooches. Styling a statement brooch is the easiest way to personalize your look while taking it to the next level involves putting your brooch curating skills to good use!


We tend to gravitate towards gorgeous rhinestone and crystal brooches this season because they add shimmering accents to the glitzy season. We love letting these types of styles make a statement all on their own! 

Pink, grey, blue, and clear rhinestones feel most modern while deeper colored rhinestone styles like browns, emerald, ruby, and black feel more elegant Pick your favorite statement brooch and let it do the talking all on it’s own! See below for a few ideas.

Brooch a Sweater

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Pink Vintage Brooch on Black Clutch

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Statement Vintage Brooch on a Festive Dress

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If you already consider yourself a brooch it pro, then we urge you to try two similar sized and colored brooches on a pair of velvet shoes or down the placket of a jacket that doesn’t have the buttons exposed. See below for ideas!

Vintage Burst Brooches on Velour Shoes

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Here are a few velvet shoes that we'd love to brooch (click each to shop)!

Vintage Brooches Down Placket of Jacket

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Here are a few jackets that would work perfectly with round everyday brooches to mimic buttons. If you try this, keep in mind it looks effortless when the brooches are all similar in size. The ones featured here are all about 1.5” in diameter. 

For more brooch it ideas, get inspired on instagram or pinterest. And don't forget that we're always here to help. Shoot us an email at to chat all things vintage jewelry, or get personalized recommendations. Shop our full holiday collection and make sure you're on our email list to hear about weekly new arrivals first!