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Meet Our New Neighbors: Margaux

Our new favorite Margaux shoes in action.

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One of our goals for 2018 is to highlight other females that inspire us so when the Margaux pop-up store opened around the corner from our San Francisco studio, not only did we fall in love with their shoes, but we also took the opportunity to become friends with the lovely co-founders, Alexa and Sarah. If you happen to be in the San Francisco area, we will be showing off our pre-spring jewelry and clothing collections as well as, styling them with their shoes on Saturday 2/24 and Sunday 2/25 at their Fillmore Street shop from 11-7. 

Margaux shoes in action in San Francisco Sweet & Spark co-founders: Jillian and Emilee

If like us, you have ever struggled to find shoes that look cute and that you can stand wearing all day, you have to try on a pair of Margaux's. After learning the story behind the brand and about the groundbreaking fit and quality of their shoes, we were so excited to both put the suede heel to the test! Between running around the city to meetings during the week, to being on our feet at weekend pop-ups, our Margaux shoes passed both the comfort and style tests with flying colors! We both received so many compliments on how polished they looked. And, they work with pretty much everything in our closets so you'll definitely be seeing these in our photos on the regular. They really are the most comfortable shoes we own and we can't wait to get our hands on a pair of the demi flatsnext. 

Since we are female business partners too, we were curious as to how Alexa and Sarah met and what they envision for the future of their company as well as, the fashion industry. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions and hope you are as inspired by them as much as we are!

Alexa & Sarah Co-founders of Margaux shoes

 Margaux co-founders: Alexa and Sarah

1. Where did the two of you meet and how did you decide to start Margaux?


Sarah and I serendipitously met at a cab stand at the very beginning of our freshman year at Harvard, and we were friends at first sight. We became roommates the following year, and lived together for the rest of our college career. It wasn't until our senior year, however, that we began dreaming up our vision for Margaux. 

During the summers we spent interning in corporate environments, we experienced the unfortunate "shoe-shuffle" so many working women can relate to, and felt like there had to be a better way. We were convinced that there should be (and could be) a shoe that combined form and function, and ensured that a woman could feel dressed and beautiful - while remaining comfortable - all day long. So, we set out to create the perfect wear-everywhere shoe for today’s modern woman and along the way, to redefine the way that shoes are sized and sold.

2. What can we expect from Margaux within the next five years? 

Sarah: We've made it our mission over the years since launch to create beautiful, versatile footwear that is built to meet the demands of modern life. Though we're continually testing and adding new styles, our focus has remained - and will continue to remain - laser-sharp on this aim. That means new silhouettes, shapes, and colorways as we pursue our vision of creating a modern footwear wardrobe for the Margaux woman. 

3. What has your favorite milestone been?

Alexa: My favorite recent milestone has been opening our San Francisco pop-up store. It has been met with an unbelievable response - from both new and existing customers - and has been a testament to the power of the offline experience for our brand. 

And, on that note, we can't wait to have the Sweet & Spark team join us on Fillmore Street this coming weekend! 

4. What is one lesson you've had to learn the hard way?

Sarah: Alexa and I always say the greatest risks often lead to the greatest rewards, and that our breakthrough moments as entrepreneurs come in those moments when we've stepped outside of our comfort zone. We've also learned to never underestimate the value of patience and focus. In a world where content is king and the twenty-four-hour news cycle reigns supreme, there's tremendous pressure to constantly reinvent ones self and create "newness." But Alexa and I have stayed focused and measured, spending at times over a year developing a pattern or a last or a silhouette. The result? Shoes that stand the test of time, and can be worn season-in and season-out - regardless of trend.

5. What are the biggest challenges you see within the fashion industry right now and how is Margaux helping solve it? 

Alexa: I think today all digitally native brands are thinking ways to authentically rise above the noise in what is a very busy market. We've come to understand that having a "special something" - a product offering that sets us apart from the rest - is crucial to accomplishing this and building a brand with long term goals in mind. 

6. Where do you find inspiration? Any favorite brands, travel destinations, books and/or movies?

Sarah: Countless places! We're currently feeling inspired - in more ways than one - by the generation of emerging female designers who are having a golden moment: Rosetta Getty, Emilia Wickstead, Cate Holstein of Khaite, Stephanie Danan of Co, and Rebecca de Ravenel, to name just a few. We also delight in exploring archival collections from other heritage brands, for color and texture inspiration in particular. But our best product ideas come straight from the source: Our customers. Alexa and I have spent countless hours working pop-ups, stores, and events introducing our customers to our products and the world of Margaux. Each product we've released since launching our Classic ballerina has its roots - at least partially - in conversations and interactions we have had with our customers.

7. We love that you feature the women that inspire you on your blog, The Gaux Girls. How would you define your Gaux Girl?

Alexa: A Gaux Girl never stops moving. She's curious, she's adventurous, and she's ambitious. She lives colorfully, thoughtfully, and passionately.

8. What advice do you have for fellow Gaux Girls everywhere?

Sarah: Take a chance on yourself. When you have the passion, the drive, and the humility to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, there’s no hurdle too high to clear – or ceiling too tall to break through.

Margaux suede heels in action.

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