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Mt. Dora Vintage Buying Trip

Vintage Jewelry Haul from Mt. Dora Antique Fair


We collect our vintage jewelry from a mix of estate sales, private sellers and antique faires around the country. We have high standards for the pieces that make it into our collection. They have to be in great condition, meaning not tarnished or broken, and feel timeless in aesthetic. We love pieces from the 1950s-90s as they feel the most modern for today's wear! We believe in adding a little spark to everyday. 

A few weeks ago, we went to one of the largest antique faires in the country called Mt. Dora, located just about an hour outside of Orlando, Florida. We love spark hunting in Florida because we find some of the prettiest pastel colored pieces and warm weather inspired motifs like anchors, butterflies, florals, and fruits. All of which are perfect for our spring and summer collections that we're currently working on now.


The faire at Mt. Dora happens three times per year and is always a highlight of our year! Jillian's antique loving dad lives in Florida and loves attending with her. They always get there early on the opening day to make sure they are one of the first people in line for entry. We always say, "the early bird gets the best spark!"


We love going to large antique faires like Mt. Dora because we can find a lot of pieces in a relatively short amount of time. The more pieces that we can find before the start of a season, the better because it allows us more pieces to work with to create compelling stories. Some of our favorite spring stories that we're working on include, floral earrings and pastels. We usually have a loose idea of the stories we want to tell each season but sometimes we let the jewelry do the talking. For instance, we found an unusual amount of cool 1980s statement earrings on this trip and therefore are planning on doing an entire collection around them!

Mark your calendars for our official spring jewelry launch on March 7th. We can't wait to share with you!