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Sparkhuntin' 101

What to Wear Antiquing/ Vintage Hunting!

Dresses: one/ two/ three
Accessories: Loupe/ Camera/ Backpack

Aside from the climate change, it's actually pretty easy to pack for a Spark Hunt (a.k.a. antiquing) I typically wear a version of this classic combination every time; an easy dress layered up with a jacket that has pockets galore and cute tennis sneakers for comfort.

Do you remember what the number one Spark Hunting rule is? Hint, hint it's back in this blog post here where I talked about the top ten tips for buying vintage jewelry. If you follow the rules, you're going to be out before the sun comes up so you better pack a scarf (and a flashlight)!

Also, I've found that it's much more comfortable to wear a backpack all day rather than carry a heavy tote bag on your shoulder. Really, nobody cares what you look like Spark Hunting so it's just a great excuse to splurge on cute essentials!

xx, Jillian