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Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends

Spring 2017 Top Jewelry Trends

We're welcoming a new season filled with soft tones and sunnier days. While our easy-to-wear statement pieces and sophisticated boho collections have your everyday jewelry needs covered, we'll be celebrating the season's many occasions in florals and big statements. Here's the scoop on Spring 2017's top four jewelry trends and what you need to update your collection with this season.  


Vintage Super Statement Earrings


Vintage Super Sized Statement Earrings

outfit details: earrings/ polka dot shorts

It's not a surprise to hear that statement earrings are still going strong season after season. And there's nothing more chic than sporting a vintage pair but, when it comes to updating your collection this season, you need to show off a super statement pair. We built an entire collection around this trend featuring longer lengths, chunkier rhinestones and pearls as well as, oversized florals. This pairsays it all. Oh and when you're shopping the Super Statement collection, you'll notice that we're also fans of super sizing our brooches- a singular one looks killer on a denim jacket. Hop on this trend before before it sells out! 


Vintage Floral Bracelets from Sweet & Spark


Super Statement Jewelry Trend | Sweet & Spark

outfit details:earrings/ brooch/ dress/ denim jacket

It wouldn't be a proper spring season without uber feminine dresses and jewelry. That's why we curated an entire Garden Party collection. For a pulled together finishing touch, we love floral jewelry back to textured fabrics and neutral colored dresses. For once, score flowers that actually will last forever. 


Vintage Pendant Necklaces


Boho Dress and Vintage Pendant Necklace from Sweet & Spark

outfit details:necklace (coming soon!)/ dressclutch & tote

In our book, boho doesn't have to be so casual. We love layering up a long pendant with any sundress this season and into summer. Our Boho Sophisticate collection is rooted in clean gold and silver finishes featuring pops of natural elements including, turquoise, marble, wood and greenery designs.On the days when you're short on time, a simple gold bangle will always do the trick.


Loeffler Randall Sandals


Subtle Statement Pieces

outfit details: necklace (coming soon!)/ brooch/ platform sandals/ denim jacket

Here at S&S, we consider white and blue jewels to be neutrals as they feel modern, feminine and seem to pair with just about every spring outfit. We know how many invites you have coming up for weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and BBQs and we wanted to build you a collection that had easy-to-wear statement pieces. Meet our Subtle Statement collection, filled with chunky yet neutral pieces that still pack the punch but, can easily be worn more than once a season. 

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