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The Vintage Bauble

Vintage Bauble Earrings- pastel colors!

The round, vintage bauble earring is our favorite shape for this time of year because it easily pairs back to pretty much any texture or silhouette you're wearing on top, even those hard to style turtlenecks. And believe it or not, this style of earring works on any face shape. Yes, even on round faces, like Jillian's, our head stylist, as pictured below.

Vintage Pearl Bauble Cluster Earrings

outfit details: denim jacket/ pearl earrings/ turtleneck

If you are new to this shape, we always recommend starting with a pearl bauble because they are the most classic and timeless. These ones have a clean design that are sure to work with even the busiest of prints. For a daintier, not so statement style, try these ones

Floral Bauble Statement Earrings

outfit details: polka dot jumper sold out/ jacket sold out/ earrings

Pairing neutral colored baubles with classic prints like polka dots or stripes feels most elevated and modern. We like to save our colored bauble earrings as the unexpected pop to a neutral outfit. 

Vintage Bauble Statement Earrings

shop: shoes, earrings

We sometimes find ourselves referring to these baubles as candies because of the gorgeous color assortment we find them in. Our collection features the round, bauble style ranging from the 1950s to the 90s because it's forever been a feminine jewelry box staple.

You'll notice that earlier styles from the 50's are more intricate in design, featuring rhinestones, crystals, color and smaller round pieces to make up the whole. Styles from the 1960s were, well just amplified in size. The staple design from this decade was the burst style, identified as an overstated, symmetrical floral design.

What gets amplified can only last so long so, styles from the 1970s were more simple and smaller in design, featuring mostly silver and gold finishes only. They can be identified as more button like in design. The 1980s and 90s bauble styles are the most bold and statement in size, you'll know one when you see one! 

Vintage Navy Blue Bauble Round Earrings

 outfit details: stripe top/ necklace sold out/ earrings/ sunglasses

Think of bauble earrings as the icing on top. Even those hard to style feminine dresses, full of lace and embellishment, will welcome a bauble earring as the perfect outfit completer. 

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