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What Your Jewelry Collection Needs

Anatomy of a jewelry collection from Sweet & Spark.


Whenever we have the opportunity to take a peek a women's jewelry collection, we're inspired by the story that it tells. A women's jewelry box reveals so much about her personal style as well as, the key milestones that have been celebrated along her journey. From the earrings worn on your wedding day, to a gift from a special friend or family member, and the pieces that you rely on every day, jewelry is like your armor, worn so that you feel confident to go into the world and shine. 

The essentials that we see in almost every women's jewelry box include bangles, a pair of gold hoop earrings, a classic pair of stud earrings like knots or pearls and a favorite dainty pendant necklace. In addition to that, we see a theme that the statement pieces in a women's collection are seasonal. A common example is a favorite pair of brightly colored earrings for summer and a pair of glam rhinestone ones for holiday.  

Does your collection showcase the following? With the incredible quality and craftsmanship of vintage jewelry, owning a piece of spark will be part of your story forever.

1. Bangles a classic link bracelet

2. Pearl necklaces in various lengths

3. Classic gold link necklace

4. Pierced everyday stud earrings

5. Classic hoop earrings

6. Long layering chains & pendant necklaces

8. Seasonal statement earrings

9. Brooches in mixed sizes 

10. Cocktail ring

11. Jewelry displays & cleaning supplies 

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To keep your collection in shining condition, be sure to read the post we did about how to clean your vintage jewelry and shop our jewelry cleaning supplies. Every piece of spark comes with a velour pouch for safe storing but we believe in showing off your collection like it's a work of art so we sell these gorgeous floral printed dishes.

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