Founded in 2012, Sweet & Spark was born out of a belief that timelessness is chic, femininity can be modern, and when it comes right down to it, they just don't make jewelry the way they used to.

So we sought to build a jewelry company comprised entirely of vintage pieces sourced from all over the world. We like to think of ourselves as a company that's making old feel new again. Everything you see on our site is one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry that's stood the test of time and style. 


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Sweet & Spark was founded by Jillian Bremer and her father, Howard. Previously an apparel buyer for several major American retailers, Jillian inherited her fascination with vintage later in her twenties, when she found herself questioning the meaning of life (a story many young women can relate to!). Inspired by her father’s lifelong love of vintage and simplicity, as well as his vast knowledge about sourcing vintage and antique pieces, she took a chance whilst between jobs and opted to travel the country with him, hunting vintage jewels. During these trips, her dad taught her everything there is to know about vintage identification, and how to find the best pieces of spark.

Along the way, Jillian realized there was magic in sharing vintage jewelry with the modern woman, in a time when fast fashion is the norm and women are looking to personalize their style in an authentic, soulful way. Presto, a business was born!



At Sweet & Spark, we believe that jewelry collections,

like stories, should be built over time.


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