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While we firmly believe vintage jewelry should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe, we also know how overwhelming it can be to learn about it! we’ve put together this guide with some of our most frequently asked questions to show you why there’s really nothing like a piece of vintage spark.

Q: What does vintage mean?

A: In order to technically consider something vintage, it must have a production date that’s at least twenty years old, and it cannot have been mass produced. All pieces at Sweet & Spark have been purchased at estate sales, flea markets or yard sales, making it hard to verify the exact age and therefore, more specifically classifiable as antique, thrifted or used. After careful research, we've estimated the decade in which each piece was produced, and have noted it in the descriptions. When selecting our collections, we focus on pieces produced between the 1940s and 1990s. Keep in mind that our collection is always changing and when it comes to our accessories there's only one of each piece available for purchase!

Q: How can I know about the condition of the piece I’m interest in?

A: All the pieces in our collection are consistent in vintage condition, aligning with each style’s age and history. Please embrace and celebrate the unique, typical worn in character of each piece. This is a natural part of owning something vintage. That being said, we specifically source pieces that are well-made, with no obvious broken or missing pieces.

Each product description will make mention of the condition each piece and if marked, the name of the designer. Every piece has been professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleanser using the appropriate cleaning solution, and when needed, we tighten up clasps and screws to ensure your piece feels secure when you wear it. For questions regarding the condition of a specific piece, please don't hesitate to send an email to

Q: What if I'm purchasing to send as a gift?

A: There’s nothing more unique that a one-of-a-kind gift! Once you proceed to checkout, leave us a note in the Additional Notes section, and we promise to make it extra special. Regardless, each order will come packaged in a velour jewelry bag wrapped in tissue paper. Can’t find the right gift? We have gift cards!

Q: How do I care for my vintage jewelry?

A: Please embrace and celebrate the unique character of each piece. To preserve your vintage jewelry for many decades to come, store it in the velour jewelry bag that came with your purchase. Keep it in a cool, dry location and when necessary, wipe down with a soft rag to remove any dust. Traditional jewelry cleaner can be used occasionally to enhance shine. Stay away from using anything with ammonia and do not immerse jewelry with stones into any type of liquid.

Q: Do clip-on earrings hurt?

A: It’s no secret that clip-on earrings often make a huge statement -- these pieces often feature some of the most unique, intricate designs! Because of this, clip backs help secure large earrings from drooping. Foam pads are included with any earring purchase. Screw back clip-ons and any Monet clip-ons (they designed their own exclusive backs!) are usually more comfortable than fold over clip-ons.

Q: Can I convert clip-on earrings to posts?

A: While it is possible to convert your favorite clip-on earrings to posts, we do not provide this service. A jeweler will be able to advise whether it's possible for a particular pair or not. In order to do this, the metal has to be heated and it can damage stones or other details. Keep in mind you have 30 days to make a return if you choose to explore this option.

Q: Is vintage jewelry nickel free?

A: All of the pieces on our site are one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage from a range of decades and designers. With that in mind, we unfortunately can't be certain of the exact materials used in every piece. Generally, people with jewelry sensitivities can wear vintage because manufacturing standards were much different than they are for today’s costume jewelry. Manufacturers used to triple plate the finishes, so the base metal (where one typically finds nickel) is that much farther away from the skin.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Jillian started Sweet & Spark in 2012 and are headquartered in San Francisco, California. You can learn more about our story here.