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Our Vintage Authentication Process: Cartier



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We've been collecting vintage accessories for almost a decade now and are experts in vintage authentication. While there is no one formal way to authenticate vintage, we stand behind every piece in our collection, backed by our 30 day return policy. We absolutely adore collecting vintage and treasuring them forever. It's important to us that you love your spark as much as we do!

We carry the original Love Bracelet from the 1970s.Aldo Cipullo, the designer for Cartier during the 1970s, designed the LOVE collection and they released this special edition 18kt gold plated version of The Love Bracelet during that decade only. Today they only make this style in solid gold and it retails at $6,000 and up! 

This original version is signed by Aldo Cipullo and Charles Revson, who Cartier partnered with to bring the collection to department stores. Since the original bracelet is not signed by Cartier, they no longer service this limited edition version in their stores anymore.

Each of the LOVE bracelets in our collection have been re-plated back to their original 18kt gold plated finish so they are in mint condition. Since the bracelet is not solid gold, we recommend avoiding water by taking it off during workouts and showers to preserve the plating for many decades to come. Depending on your personal wear, we estimate the plating could last anywhere between 2 to 10 years. It is always an option to work with your local jeweler to have it re-plated anytime. We estimate the cost for that to be a few hundred dollars.

The original Love Bracelet is 18kt gold plated and not solid gold like today's version. However, the gold coloring is nearly identical on both the new and vintage versions. We have many customers that love stacking the original version with today's solid gold version. The original Love Bracelet sure has a rich story, if you’re interested in learning more about the history of this iconic piece, you can learn more here. The one additional difference, is that on the original version, there is a hinge on one side and a screw on the other vs. today's design has screws on both sides. Because we recommend taking the bracelet on and off in between wears, we find the vintage design to be easier to put on and off on your own. 

All of the Love Bracelets in our collection come with a screw, screwdriver and a Sweet & Spark dust bag. When not wearing your Love Bracelet, we recommend storing it in it’s dust bag in a safe place. Also, should you lose your screw or screwdriver, we sell replacements. It’s important to note that the original vintage version does require a particular sized screw.

The original Love Bracelet comes in three different sizes; small, medium and large equivalent to Cartier’s size 16, 17 and 18 today. We recommend you choose your size based on your personal preference of having a tighter fit vs. a little looser. You can print this paper ruler to see what size you are!

Sweet & Spark is not affiliated with Cartier. Cartier™ is a registered trademark of Cartier.