How much does an average host earn in commission?


An average host typically earns anywhere between $100-$500 in commission. There is no cap on the amount of commission a host can earn. Once the Spark Party box is returned, the commission will be paid out via a check. 


What dates are available? 


You pick the date that works best for you! We've had hosts do both weekday nights or weekend brunches. All we need is about 10-14 days advance notice so that we can get you a box a few days before the party. 


Can I have more than one party?


There's no commitment to have more than one party but you can if you want! Just work closely with us on the dates so we can help manage getting you fresh inventory. We don't set limitations on the ways you can sell. Feel free to sell outside of the party to friends, co-workers and family.


Will it cost me anything to host?


Aside from any food or drink you'd like to supply, it won't cost you anything to host a party! We even cover the shipping for the box both ways. All we ask for is a credit card to hold the box while in your possession. We won't charge anything unless the box isn't returned within 7 days of your party date.


How should I manage the invites?


Most of our hosts choose to create their party invites either on facebook or paperless post, both which are free of cost. Feel free to pull any images from our site or lookbook feed to 


What is the average price of the jewelry?


Our prices range between $30-$150 with an average of $50. If you'd like us to include more higher or lower priced jewelry, just let us know!


Do I have any say in what jewelry comes in the box?


Everything is one-of-a-kind so our party boxes are always different! We focus around sending gold classics but will include some silver and sparkly pieces. We typically send about 50 pieces, mostly necklaces. You know your girlfriends best so we'd love any recommendations you might have!


How much prep time will I need?


You'll receive the box 3-5 days before the party date. You'll have everything you need to set-up the jewelry displays including stands, a screwdriver and push pins. We recommend you test out the PayPal app before the party so that if you have any trouble you have time to chat with us!


I'm ready to host, what are the next steps?


Email with the date of your Spark Party. From there, we'll schedule a quick 15 minute phone chat to discuss logistics and answer any other questions you might have.

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