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Chanel CC Black Caviar Belt



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Vintage Authentication


  • In excellent vintage condition (more about quality here)
  • Featuring black caviar leather 
  • Gold 24kt electroplated hardware
  • CC interlocking logo stitching 


  • Measures 37" in length
  • Holes fall at 29", 30", and 31"

The Story

Throughout the 1980s- early 2000s, Chanel bags, wallets, and belts were offered in either their signature lambskin or caviar leather. Black, navy and red were considered year round colors at Chanel while seasonal colors like gold, white, pink and other pastels are much more rare. Most all pieces during this timeframe feature the iconic interlocking double c logo. 

Sweet & Spark is not affiliated with Chanel. Chanel is a registered trademark of Chanel.



we sell vintage

Everything on our site is original, one-of-a-kind vintage. We encourage you to embrace the unique character of each piece, as this is a natural part of owning something vintage. We do not change any of the original designs, unlike other vintage re-sellers.

our standards

Our collection is consistent in quality and we do not sell anything that is broken or overly tarnished more than it should be based on its age. Each product description will make mention of the condition of each piece, either excellent (minor wear) or good (moderate wear), and if marked, the name of the designer.

determining provenance

Since we span so many decades and designers, it's hard to identify the specific history of each piece. We research history books and use our expertise of the industry — which we have gained over our 35+ combined years in the vintage business — to make assumptions about decades and exclusivity. Most of the base metals are brass and platings have been triple dipped, which prevents sensitivities. Also, this level of craftsmanship means vintage jewelry typically lasts for years to come, compared to today's costume jewelry, which has usually only been dipped in finish once and tarnishes rather quickly.

how we handle your spark

Every piece has been professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleanser using the appropriate cleaning solution, and all pearls or stones have been hand cleaned. Also, all clasps and jump rings have been tightened for safe wear and pierced earrings will come with brand new backs.

more questions?

For questions regarding the condition of a specific piece, please don't hesitate to send an email to hello@sweetandspark.com.

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